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Individual Wellness Coaching

Want to focus on specific, measurable goals
like better sleep, less anxiety, more skills to
cope with stress?

What is it?

  • Short, 25-minute sessions for optimal self-care

  • Learn new stress management skills & expand on existing ones

  • Develop overall self-care plan

  • Pre-determined number of sessions (see packages below)

  • Sessions recorded for future benefit

  • Sessions can be as-needed or pre-scheduled over a finite period of time

  • Participate in Mind Body Skills Group at a discount



How is Coaching different from Counseling or Therapy?

  • Coaching typically only focuses on current issues

  • Involves goal-setting on very concrete, measurable, specific issues
    (sleep, anxiety symptoms, self-care skills, etc.)

  • Time-limited working relationship

  • Shorter sessions

  • Accountability for goals set


  • (5) 25-Minute Wellness Coaching Sessions $300

  • (10) 25-Minute Wellness Coaching Sessions $550

  • ​(20) 25-Minute Wellness Coaching Sessions $900

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