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Immigration evaluations

For the past 22 years, I have been providing comprehensive reports for immigration clients, along with expert witness testimony in Immigration Court. Evaluations that I routinely conduct include hardship for waiver/cancelation of removal; asylum; U-visa & T-visa; & VAWA. It has been my distinct pleasure to do this work, and I feel honored by every individual and family’s story that has been shared with me over these years. Attorneys with whom I have worked appreciate that my reports are thorough and comprehensive; I leave no stone unturned when putting these reports together. Many of my clients have experienced significant trauma, often all the way back to their childhood. While I do not typically provide counseling to my consulting clients, I will always ensure that they have resources & information to address their well-being. When I have presented professionally about this work, or conducted trainings, I often conclude these presentations by saying that one of the main goals I have is to humanize my clients to reviewers – I want them to read my reports & appreciate these clients as more than an A-number or just another file on their desk.

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Working with Me

Currently, all work is conducted online via Zoom or WhatsApp video. Generally, I plan 2-3 hours for our session, & we only need to meet in one session (ask me about why my research shows this is the best way to conduct immigration evaluations). Any supporting documentation including medical records, school reports, & other documents can be supplied after our visit. I will work with your attorney to ensure that the report meets their needs & expectations. I use professional, trauma-informed interpreters when needed - which is often because I believe you deserve to tell your story in your first language, so that you can express your thoughts, feelings, & experiences without language barriers. 

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