Concerned about your
employees’ well-being?

Want to learn about secondary trauma & burnout? Interested in providing your employees concrete and measurable support & wellness skills?


Employee Wellness Offerings:

  • Informational Presentations

  • Wellness Coaching Packages

  • Mind Body Skills Groups

  • Vicarious trauma/burnout assessments

  • Coaching is a time-limited, supportive partnership
    with a focus on specific goals & accountability

Employers with over 40 employees require a flat fee retainer with
maximum number of sessions allowed. Fee decided upon consultation.



Wellness Coaching with me involves:


  • Identifying signs of stress / burnout / secondary trauma

  • Learn new stress management skills & expand on existing ones

  • Develop overall self-care plan

  • Planned number of 25-minute sessions

  • Sessions recorded for future benefit

  • Sessions can be as-needed or pre-scheduled over a finite period of time



How is Coaching different from Counseling or Therapy?


  • Coaching typically only focuses on current issues

  • Involves goal-setting on very concrete, measurable, specific issues (ie sleep hygiene, anxiety management)

  • Time-limited working relationship

  • Shorter sessions

  • Accountability for goals set



  • (5) 25-minute sessions

  • $350 corporate rate, per employee

  • $220 non-profit rate, per employee

  • (10) 25-minute sessions

  • $650 corporate rate, per employee

  • $400 non-profit rate, per employee



A La Carte Services:


  • Presentation on Vicarious Trauma & Burnout: 2 hours, $400 flat fee

  • Mind Body Skills Groups: Minimum of 5 staff members

    • 6 weeks, 2-hour groups + 15-minute intro meeting with each staff member

    • $1200 Corp

    • $900 Non-Profit

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